Our Services

We have a wide range of services and funding types. Our aim is to help and serve the people of our community. 


Service List

Home Visit

Home Visits

Are you finding it difficult to leave the house due to health or poor mobility? If you enquire on our Contact Us page we may be able to provide a home visit.

Women's Health Physio

Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Do you have concerns regarding women’s health issues? Our team has experience and knowledge in managing these conditions. Book in today for an assessment to receive a treatment plan specific to your needs.

Dry Needling

 Dry Needling

This modern technique is used by many health professionals and is intended to reduce muscular pain. A practitioner may insert several filiform needles into the muscle to achieve this goal. This technique is different to traditional acupuncture. 

Pilates classes

Pilates Exercise Therapy

Pilates is an exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates in the 20th century. It has become a very popular part of practice and general health to improve strength, co-ordination and flexibility. Currently we can offer Mat Pilates within a physiotherapy sessions which may be used for your home exercise program.

Athletic Injury

Athletic Injury Rehabilitation

Have you injured yourself whilst being active? Perhaps you are a well seasoned athlete or you’re just starting out. We may be able to help you accelerate your recovery and reduce the risk of injury. Book in today for an initial consultation!

Persistent Pain

Persistent Pain Therapy

Do you experience pain that you feel you can’t control? Do you have pain that doesn’t seem to go away? Come in for an assessment so we can determine if you are suitable for our specialised persistent pain therapy. 

Funding Types

Private Health Insurance

If you have private health insurance with physiotherapy cover you can redeem your insurance payments on the same day for in clinic consultations.

 Enhanced Primary Care (EPC)

Your Doctor (GP) may provide you with an EPC and allocate up to 5 appointments towards physiotherapy services. This service may only be accessed through a GP care plan referral. 


Do you have an NDIS plan and require physiotherapy services? If you are plan managed or self managed contact us today to book in an initial consultation.

Persistent Pain

Work Cover

Accident or injury at work? If your claim is open and your GP has recommended physiotherapy we can help. We can look after both QLD and NSW work cover claims. Bring you claim number, case manager and capacity certificate in on your first visit.  

Motor Accident Insurance

If your claim is open and your GP has recommended physiotherapy we can help. We can work with all insurance companies. Bring you claim number and case manager details in for your first appointment. 

Home Visit


We are here for our DVA clients. Please visit your GP/ Specialist first to ensure you have the correct referral for physiotherapy treatments.